Demo Decks
by Greg D. Teed (dglas)

  • Runner decks
  • Corp decks

    In an article written by Whirleybird Gameboy (I think...), recommendations are made about how to promote a CCG. Demo decks are suggested, but only recommendations on kinds of decks are provided (as opposed to actual deck contents). I'd like to provide a few deck designs that I have been developing for use in demos.

    Firstly, there are a few principles I decided to adhere to when designing these:

    1. Include only common/vital cards so that the decks may be easily constructed out of spare cards any local "card lord" (or reasonable hand-drawn facsimile) would have as extras.

    2. Adhere to a three-of-a-card limit. This provides order and structure for the deck as well as making it more understandable for players of "that other game." (Unfortunately, we must work to thee lowest common denominator ;) ). As an aside, it also provides coherent deck designs for new players who want to try their hand at a restricted tournament.

    As a matter of interest, I'll be holding a restricted tournament (3-of-a-card) at Card Mania, University of Saskatchewan, 26-July-1997. Mike Bidyk is the current odds on favourite to win. I'll be announcing this to the list presently.

    3. Each deck will have a strong theme (as recommended by Whirley). This promotes playability in the deck and permits for simple in-deck goals that help illustrate how subthemes help promote victory in play. For example, in the "Information is Power" deck, cards are included which reveal or expose installed cards. This helps the Runner in his decision making, which makes for much more precise and effective runs.

    Also, since the deck designs are open for public display, demoers might want to write up the contents on, say, recipe cards and distribute them to would be players.

    For the true card lords, who have tons of each of these cards, decks can be constructed specifically to be given away to new demo participants in order to encourage further play. This is probably THE most effective means of getting someone to continue playing a game.

    If you folks like these decks, I'll create brief write-ups on how to play them. You know and I know, but absolute weefs might not know, eh?

    Runner Decks

    Runner decks are broken down into two types: Draw Engines and Search Engines. Search engines rely upon The Short Circuit to get programs and Mantis, Fixer-at-Large to get The Short Circuit. This engine is used primarily with program heavy decks like Stealth and Clowns. Draw engines are meant for program light decks that rely upon getting through lots of cards relatively quickly. These decks will have Cruisings for Netwatch and Stakeouts included as well as a single Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer. Note that both deck styles will have Jack'n'Joes - three guesses why... ;)

    Each deck uses three sets of identical breakers, I've tried to make each deck significantly different from the others. Each deck also includes six "utilities" which include one base link, one deck, either a Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer or The Short Circuit, some sort of damage prevention and some sort of tag avoidance. In some cases, one or more of these slots might be used to enhance the theme of the deck (for example, the "Information is Power" deck).

    Each of these "Shareware" decks are designed to help teach the game. Note, however, that when using these decks as teaching tools, the demoer must exercise care. He/she will know almost precisely how to beat each deck. This would be true in almost any event, of course, but especially so in these cases because the card selection is so limited. Along these lines, I found that I can win most games when these decks are involved, so I have put together omni commons/vitals decks for my use which should be significantly less powerful than these demo decks.

    Here are the decks.

    2x Cyfermaster 3x Jack'n'Joe
    2x Black Dahlia 3x Cruising for Netwatch
    2x Ramming Piston 3x Stakeout
    1x Cortical Cybermodem 3x Broker
    1x Runner Sensei 3x Livewire's Contacts
    1x Enterprise, Inc., Shields 3x Score!
    1x Lelande, Corporate Bodyguard 3x Short-Term Contract
    1x Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer 3x Swiss Bank Account
    1x The Short Circuit 3x Chiba Bank Account
    3x Mantis, Fixer-at-Large 3x Liberated Savings Account

    2x Tinweasel 3x Clown
    2x Wild Card 3x Lockjaw
    2x Jackhammer 3x The Personal Touch
    1x PK-6089a 3x Zetatech Mem-Chip
    1x Access to Arasaka 3x Broker
    1x Nasuko Cycle 3x Livewire's Contacts
    1x Microtech Backup Drive 3x Score!
    1x Force Shield 3x Short-Term Contract
    1xThe Short Circuit 3x Streetware Distributor
    3x Mantis, Fixer-at-Large 3x Rigged Investments

    2x Codecracker 3x Hunt Club BBS
    2x Raptor 3x Ice and Data Special Report
    2x Hammer 3x Decoy Signal
    1x Sunburst Cranial Interface 3x Jack'n'Joe
    1x Access to Kiribati 3x Broker
    1x Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer 3x Cruising for Netwatch
    1x SeeYa 3x Stakeout
    1x Smarteye 3x Livewire's Contacts
    1x Nasuko Cycle 3x Score!
    3x Temple Microcode Outlet 3x Short-Term Contract

    2x Skeleton Passkeys 3x Custodial Position
    2x Shaka 3x R&D Interface
    2x Pile Driver 3x R&D Mole
    1x PK-6089a 3x Jack'n'Joe
    1x Back Door to Hilliard 3x Broker
    1x Enterprise, Inc., Shields 3x Cruising for Netwatch
    1x Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer 3x Chiba Bank Account
    1x Nasuko Cycle 3x Liberated Savings Account
    1x Private LDL Access 3x Stakeout
    3x Temple Microcode Outlet 3x Swiss Bank Account

    2x Raffles 3x Cloak
    2x Loony Goon 3x Invisibility
    2x Dwarf 3x Vewy Vewy Quiet
    1x Sunburst Cranial Interface 3x Tycho Mem Chip
    1x Baedeker's Net Map 3x Broker
    1x Nasuko Cycle 3x Livewire's Contacts
    1x Force Shield 3x Rigged Investments
    1x SeeYa 3x Score!
    1x The Short Circuit 3x Short-Term Contract
    3x Mantis, Fixer-at-Large 3x Streetware Distributor

    Corp Decks

    The astute will notice that the Corp decks are not "maximally efficient;" not as well thought out at the Runner decks. Remember that these are demo decks and that, initially, Corp decks seem more powerful than Runner decks. I thought I'd even things out a bit for initial play. I will probably refine these some more in the near future.

    3x Ice Transmutation 3x Tumblers
    3x Security Net Optimization 3x Gatekeeper
    3x BBS Whispering Campaign 3x Cerberus
    3x Braindance Campaign 3x Homewrecker
    3x Holovid Campaign 3x Zombie
    3x Rockerboy Promotion 3x Sandstorm
    3x Spinn(R) Public Relations 3x Fire Wall
    3x Government Contract

    "PSYCHO-TYCHO" (Shareware version)
    3x Employee Empowerment 3x Filter
    3x Tycho Extension 3x Misleading Access Menus
    3x Management Shakeup 3x Coyote
    3x Planning Consultants 3x Homewrecker
    3x Night Shift 3x Washed-Up Solo Construct
    3x Accounts Receivable 3x Data Wall
    3x Efficiency Experts 3x Snowbank
    3x Credit Consolidation

    3x Corporate Headhunters 3x Fire Wall
    3x Netwatch Operations Office 3x Brainwash
    3x Marked Accounts 3x Cortical Scrub
    3x Chance Observation 3x Death Yo-Yo
    3x Trojan Horse 3x Fetch 4.0.1
    3x Urban Renewal 3x Zombie
    3x BBS Whispering Campaign 3x Keeper
    3x Rockerboy Promotion

    "GOTCHA!" (We need more common ambushes...)
    3x Corporate Headhunters 3x Keeper
    3x Marked Accounts 3x Marionette
    3x Viral Breeding Ground 3x D'Arc Knights
    3x Setup! 3x Banpei
    3x Doppelganger Antibody 3x Ice Pick Willie
    3x Urban Renewal 3x Triggerman
    3x BBS Whispering Campaign 3x Galatea
    3x Rockerboy Promotion

    3x Corporate War 3x Scramble
    3x Corporate Downsizing 3x Rex
    3x Hostile Takeover 3x Fang
    3x Systematic Layoffs 3x Fang 2.0
    3x Planning Consultants 3x Cerberus
    3x Night Shift 3x Fetch 4.0.1
    3x BBS Whispering Campaign 3x Crystal Wall
    3x Rockerboy Promotion

    - dglas (Preying Demoer "First Hit's Free")

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