How to Organize a tournament
by Stephen Holodinsky

Starting your own tourneys.
  1. Rule #1. Never, any I repeat never, rely on anyone to do anything for you.
  2. If you have the store to make your tournament, do it.
    These are the things you can expect form the store owner: What you might be able to get away with: Prize support. Ask him if he would like to donate some boosters or perhaps a single card if he deals in singles. Or see if you can cut a deal that you can buy prizes for wholesale.
    What the Retailer should expect from you:
  3. Contact WotC with your tournament (I don't know how long this one will last). Michael Brooks is in charge of prize support for us here in Germany. I don't know if she (yes it's a woman ) does the prize support for whereever you are, but she could probably direct you to the right person if she does not. Her e-mail address is:
  4. Contact any other source of prize support you can think of. If Wizards has a local rep, contact them as well.
  5. Make your flier. These things should be on it:
  6. Post your tournament. Three places to start include: The Netrunner Weekly, Top Runners Conference Website (Paul Barron), which has a discussion segment and is linked to The Netrunner Weekly, and this List. Post at least a month in advance if possible, as you never know who might be travelling where a what time.
  7. E-mail or telephone every known Netrunner player in the area with your tournament information. Ask them if they have any tournaments coming up that you might attend.
  8. Try to find a place where out of town players could 'pitch a sleeping bag' so that you can make this offer (perhaps on the flier if you are sure of it).
  9. Send your tournament results to Matthias Nagy.
  10. Know the rules. This is important. Nothing turns off new tournament players more than having their judge not knowing how to settle a dispute.
  11. Lastly, if you say it, do it.

For those of you who have no game store with enough space in the town where you want to hold a tournament, some suggestions:

Another point, for those who have a sizable turnout at tournaments. One tournament administator should be doing game demos, especially if you are doing support for another game.

I hope this is a help to someone.

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