The Reflections Trophy

The original Reflections was built by Mark Davis,, for the Mid-Coast Netrunner Championship Tournament held at Pacificon '97. After a 2 day constructed/sealed deck biathalon, it was given to Nat Johnson who came out on top.

Mark will build a second sculpture that is almost exactly the same as the first for the World Domination champ. The sculpture is approved by WotC (in that it is an original work "inspired" by the Netrunner logo) and has been shown to Jennifer Clarke Wilkes. Apparently she put the images in some public location within WotC for anyone to see and got some "cool!" comments about it.

The trophy itself is about 15-20cm tall and is made from marble, CDROM, hard disc platters, and exposed silicon chips.

Trophy © 1997 Mark Davis, Photographs © Kendra K. Davis.

Netrunner is © 1996 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
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