Scott Dickie's Post-Gridlock Weekend 2 report:

The tournaments have been played, the scores have been reported,
the results have been tallied, calculated, and recaculated.

I have posted the results in the form of a Microsoft Excel file. You 
can download this file at:

You can sort the entries using the key fields I have included. To sort 
into a master list of players, first sort by "Tourney Number" 
(ascending) and then by "Player Number" (ascending). To sort into GW2 
ranked order, sort by "Raw Score" (descending). To sort into a list of 
WD qualifiers, first sort by "World Domination Index" (descending) and 
then by "Weighted Score" (descending), and then take the top 48 names 
plus the next 20 as reserves. A World Domination Index of 1 indicates a 
tourney winner. A WDI of 0 indicates a potential wildcard winner. A WDI 
of -1 indicates a disqualification or withdrawal.

These results are as yet unofficial. There are some slight errors in 
the numbers. In some cases, the agenda scored at a tournament differs 
slightly from the agenda lost (not including byes). I'm asking that all 
tournament organizers double check the data from their event against 
the numbers in the file. I have done my best to eliminate errors on my 
part, so hopefully any remaining errors are in the reporting. To report 
an error, e-mail me at, and put "[CORRECTION] for 
(city_name)" in the subject line of your e-mail. Only corrections sent 
by the tourney organizer, and containing [CORRECTION] in the subject 
line will be considered.

Barring any major changes, the (unofficial) winners of Gridlock Weekend 
2 are:

Place  Name                          City                  Score
-----  ----------------------------  --------------------  -------
1.     DANIEL SCHNEIDER              Kiel, Germany         0.992
2.     DAVID BARTHOLOW               Manhattan, NY USA     0.990
3.     ERIC KENNEDY                  Seattle, WA USA       0.989
4.     DENNIS DUNCAN                 Corvalis, ?? USA      0.989
5.     OCKE RORDEN                   Kiel, Germany         0.985
(tie)  MIKE TODD                     Lansdale, PA USA      0.985
7.     ROB KONITZER                  Appleton, WI USA      0.903
8.     LUKAS KAUTZSCH                Darmstadt, Germany    0.863
(tie)  LIONEL NASCIMENTO             Paris, France         0.863
10.    MATTHIAS MEYER                Bielefeld, Germany    0.848
11.    TOBIN LOPES                   Col.Springs, CO USA   0.836

note: 4th place only appears tied with 3rd, due to roundoff. Other 
listed ties are exactly even.

Official winners will be posted/verified on or before March 21st.

Now, on to the World Domination '98 Qualifiers.

Following is a list of all WD qualifiers. The first 48 names listed are 
the qualifiers, and the next 20 are reserves. If your name is on the 
list, you must verify your intention to compete. Just to make things 
clear, to compete you must commit to play 2 matches on IRC in the first 
3 weeks of April for the elimination round. The 12 winners of the 
elimination round will continue on to play an additional 4 matches on 
IRC over the following 4 weeks (after a 1 week break).

To verify your intention to play, you must send me an e-mail at with "[VERIFY] (player_name)" in the subject line. 
You must also send that e-mail *from* the account where you can be 
reached with e-mailed instructions. If you *absolutely cannot* get 
e-mail access, you may telephone your verification to me (Scott Dickie) 
at (719)-260-8480 in the US. You will receive a verification of your 
verification shortly (don't hesitate to e-mail again if you start to 
worry). You have until midnight MST on March 20th (or 7:00am GMT on 
March 21st) to verify.

*All players AND reserves must verify to be considered for WD*

On March 21st (or sooner), I will post the final World Domination 1998
Player List, and send out further instructions to the players and 
judges. And speaking of judges ...

We need 24 people (not qualifiers or reserves) to step forward and 
volunteer to judge only **2** matches during the elimination round. 
Without judges, this whole thing will fall apart, so I implore you to 
volunteer if you can. To volunteer as a judge, e-mail either Doug 
Caspian-Kauffman ( or Rob Konitzer 
( To judge, you only need IRC access (and 
knowledge) and enough cards to build (or proxy) any deck using the GW2 
cardlist, although enough cards for 2 decks is preferable.

1.  Daniel Schneider
2.  Holger Janssen
3.  Lionel Nascimento
4.  Eric Kennedy
5.  Lukas Kautzsch
6.  Jeff Sutherland
7.  Tobin Lopes
8.  Huw Morris
9.  Eric Rehorst
10. Damian O'Dea
11. Marcel GaBen
12. Sigmund Lam
13. Daniel Girardi
14. David Bartholow
15. Dennis Duncan
16. Treasa Sweek
17. Mark Araw
18. Jeremy Fleet
19. Matthias Meyer
20. Steve Guillerm
21. Melvin Laurel
22. Jason Erdmann
23. Pavel Rundstuck
24. Scott Zarcensky
25. Matthias Riepl
26. Greg Malknecht
27. Ocke Rorden
28. Rene Walla
29. Patrice Gross
30. Matthias Beth
31. Ottmar Keil
32. Frank Gerolstein
33. Torsten Schaeffer
34. Frederic Texier
35. Ingo Knecht
36. Reyda Seddiki
37. Martin Hell
38. Gunther Hasse
39. Gilles Delcourt
40. Frederic Garnier
41. Justin Schroeder
42. Martin Mueller
43. Robert Kleeman
44. Jens Kreutzer
45. Elke Jonen
46. Marcus Seglar
47. Yves Savonet
48. Dirk Dankwart

49. Alexander Schmalz
50. Michael Blumoehr
51. Ad Rovers
52. Chris Albert
53. Mirko Pelgrom
54. Peter Polderman
55. Arjaan den Ouden
56. Mark Applin
57. Yann Bodchon
58. Martin Bigot
59. Neal Bulley
60. Bjarne Keppler
61. Byron Bailey
62. Frederic Chorein
63. Dieter Guelen
64. Sumit Sarkar
65. Philip Harvey
66. Kiran Patel
67. Peter Wilkins
68. Anthony Bayer

In the event that score corrections alter this list (note that rank 
will be thrown out at the start of WD, so the order of the list doesn't 
matter, only inclusion or exclusion matters) and/or in the unlikely 
event that additional reserves are needed, the parties involved will be 
contacted separately.

I ask that SysOps pass this information on to any players they have 
without internet access.

Thanks for participating, congratulations Daniel, and good luck to 

Scott Dickie, World Domination Chairman

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