World Domination Instructions

from Scott Dickie:

Instructions for the judges:

You are responsible for your group. I'm counting on you to get your matches for the Elimination Round played.

Make contact with each player and set up times to meet on IRC and play your matches. Mediate the first round matches (see "Instructions for the match") and then determine the pairings and mediate the matches for the second round. Elimination round winners and pairings will be based on GAMES WON, using AGENDA SCORED as a tiebreaker. AGENDA LOST will be the second tiebreaker, if necessary. This is important, so I'll say it again. Elimination round winners and pairings will be based on GAMES WON (not matches), using AGENDA SCORED as a tiebreaker. AGENDA LOST will be the second tiebreaker, if necessary.

You may begin matches as soon as is convenient. You have until April 24th to complete both rounds of the Elimination Round. You do not need to report or post your match times or your results. As a guideline, try to have both matches of the first round completed by April 10th. At the completion of the Elimination Round report your results to me. I will post the results at the completion of the Elimination Round.

If you need assistance, I do have extra judges available. I will continue accepting volunteers for Judges. I will also keep myself available to help with problem situations.

Judges, you are responsible for your groups.

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Instructions for the Players:

Make contact with the Judge of your group and with your first round competitor. Prepare a text file of your deck contents to send to your Judge. Work with your Judge and competitor to set up times for your matches. Keep in mind that your Judge will probably be running another match in addition to yours, so be as flexible as possible.

Be advised that your rank in the Elimination Round will be based on the number of GAMES you win, so play accordingly.

Your Judge is responsible for your group. Address all of your questions to your Judge. Their decisions are final. In the unlikely event that you are having problems with your Judge, you can contact me. But keep in mind that I will most likely defer to the Judge.

Players should allow roughly 5 hours for each match. Keep this in mind when setting up your matches. If you cannot commit to this timeframe, let your Judge know ASAP so a reserve can be contacted to take your place (for the remainder of the tourney).

Instructions for the match:

Players will need to send a list of their decks to the Judge prior to the match. The Judge will then construct your deck. You will meet on IRC and play your match. The Judge will shuffle your deck and maintain your draw stack during the match, revealing cards to you or your opponent as necessary. Judges can keep track of bit totals, etc. if they choose to.

Games should be played on IRC. Players and Judges can meet on channel #netrunner, and then proceed to another channel, if they choose to. There are no specific channels that must be used. Since observing other matches is allowed, I'm asking that players be joined to the #netrunner channel during their match, even if they are playing on another channel.

For anyone who wants more info on how to use IRC, I have a "Using IRC" link on my website that links to a great site that can answer your questions much better than I could. Judges, please make sure your players know how to use IRC. The URL of my site is:

Matches can be played in meatspace. If players are located sufficiently close to each other, this is an option. If this is an option for your group, Judges please coordinate with me (in the USA) or with Stephen Holodinsky (in Europe, to arrange a separate Judge for the meatspace match. Judges MAY NOT rearrange pairings to accomodate face to face matches. This is an option for all players, but MUST NOT be used to determine pairings.

Pairings for the second round will be based on GAMES WON (as noted before). The two players leading will be paired for the second round. The two bottom players will also be paired. Note that the GAMES WON criteria was chosen to make it easier for comebacks after a first round loss. In all cases of ties, Judges contact me and I will make a random determination.

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