cell: A group of TRC members.
cell prefix: The first four digits of a member's tag. These digits are the same for each cell member.
game: Playing an opponent once, as either the Runner or Corporation.
GL: An abbreviation for Gridlock Weekend.
GMP: scoring Game-Match-Point Scoring. A Netrunner tournament scoring system that awards one point for each game won and one point for each match won.
Gridlock Weekend: A weekend of coordinated Netrunner tournaments around the world.
GW: An abbreviation for Gridlock Weekend.
hexidecimal: Base-16 numbers used in computer applications. The full set of "numbers" is: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.
icon: An icon is a name or "image" that members use as their Netrunner alter ego. For example, Bob Flack's icon is "Argi". An icon is for fun, and can be anything a member wants, including not bothering with it on thier membership card.
IRC: An abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat. Many players use IRC to play Netrunner across the internet.
match: Playing the same opponent twice in a row, once as the Runner and once as the Corporation.
member: A Netrunner player willing to promote the game. Members belong to a cell.
membership card: A card given to each member that contains their basic information. This includes their tag, sig, and icon.
NR-L: An abbreviation for the Netrunner mailing list, Netrunner-L. Players use this list to discuss various aspects of the game.
on-line: Active. A cell is "on-line" if it is actively promoting the game.
Regional AI: A member who is the contact for regional matters within the TRC. AI stands for "Artificial Intelligence".
sig: The sig can be any saying a member likes, from flavor text off of a NR card, to an expression used in their gaming group. Again, this is optional.
SysOp: A cell member who is the contact for potential members, other cells, and the TRC administrative personnel.
tag: A membership number for the TRC. The format is xx.xx.yy, where xx.xx. is the cell prefix, and yy is a unique set of characters for each member in a cell. The "." are seperators. The xx and yy components are hexadecimal numbers. The SysOp of a cell assigns each member a tag.
TRC or Top Runners' Conference: The official Netrunner players' organization recognized by Wizards of the Coast. Membership is free.
TRC-L: An abbreviation for the TRC mailing list. TRC members use this list to discuss matters of the organization. Any TRC member may join.
WD: An abbreviation for World Domination.
World Domination: The annual Netrunner World Championship tournament.

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