A note to TRC members
from TRC Chairman Argi Flack

As members of the Top Runners' Conference, you have access to many resources.  Among these are items to help you run successful tournaments and demonstrations.  The TRC provides these to aid you in promoting the game.

With the availability of these resources comes responsibility.  I'm asking you, as a representative of the TRC, to follow these guidelines to the best of your ability.  The impression you make is the impression people will have about the TRC, in general.

A member's use of these resources is a privilege, not a right.  If someone is abusing this privilege, I will not hesitate to deny them use of TRC resources.

I believe that the success of the TRC has been a philosophy of "different places are different".  In other words, do what works for you at your location.  A method of demoing the game in Kansas City may be very successful. When you try the same method in Germany or Japan, it may not be received as well.  Thus, the following are guidelines, not requirements to be followed to the letter.



Remember, these are guidelines.  If you feel there is a good reason to not follow them, and use a different approach, try it.  Just make sure the reason is good, and report back on how it worked.  The TRC is always interested in different methods, and if they work or not.

Bob "Argi" Flack
TRC Chair

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