Gridlock Weekend 2 Rules

Gridlock Weekend 2 is the second in a series of simultaneous world-wide Netrunner tournaments presented by the Top Runners' Conference.  This event will feature a unique constructed deck format.

Tournament organizers that want to have players eligible to qualify for the World Domination championship should read this release carefully.

I) Qualifications to participate in GW2

For tournaments to qualify for global rankings, it must conform strictly to each of the following items.  Failure to comply means the TRC has the option to not include results from the event in global rankings.

a) There must be a minimum of four players.  At least the same four players must complete play in every round.  Games called for time are considered complete.

b) The tournament must be registered with the TRC by midnight EST, Tuesday, February 24, 1998.  To register, the time, date, and location (including country, city, and street address) of the tournament must be submitted to a member of the GW2 registration sub-committee. Confirmation of registration will be within 24 hours.

c) Detailed results (including games, agenda scored, and agenda surrendered for each player) must be submitted to a member of the GW2 tracking sub-committee by midnight EST, March 8th, 1998.  Confirmation that results were received will be sent within 24 hours.

d) Basic information on each player must be available for the random drawing.  Organizers are responsible for acquiring the name, country, city, and street address of each player.  This is required for distribution of prizes and special awards.  Without this information on each player, the TRC has the option to not accept the event data for player ranking.  Optionally, TRC tag, e-mail address, and telephone number should be provided, to ease distribution.

e) The official TRC Tournament Rules must be followed, with the modifications and additions in section II.

The official TRC Tournament Rules are available at the TRC website or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to :

Argi Flack
4355 Cresthill Drive,
Roanoke, VA  24018-3005

Allow 6-8 days for delivery within the continental United States, and 2 weeks outside this area.  Make sure to include correct return postage to insure delivery.

f) GW2 tournament player rankings must be determined as specified in the official TRC Tournament Rules.

II) Official TRC Tournament Rules: Modifications and Additions

a) Floor Rule #1 is modified:  Judges may participate under the guidelines for running TRC sponsored tournaments specified by The TRC Chair at the TRC website.  This is located at

b) Floor Rule #3 is modified: A player's sideboard consists of one copy of each card from the Gridlock Weekend 2 Card List not used in that player's current Corp or Runner deck.  The GW2 Card List is located at

c) Deck Construction Rule #1 is modified:  Cards available are restricted to one copy each of the cards on the Gridlock Weekend 2 Card List.  All cards not on this list are banned.

d) Rule Addition:  The number of rounds determined by Floor Rule #2 must be played.  No more or less.

III) Global Rankings

Each players' rating will determine their global ranking for the event. Global rankings will decide an over-all winner of Gridlock Weekend 2. 

Players in official tournaments will be given a rating from the formula:

rating = ( [0.75 * (GW/GP)] + [0.20 * (AS/(10*GP))] + [0.05 * (1-(AL/(10*GP)))] )

GW = games won (ties are 0.5 of a win)
GP = games played
AS = agenda scored (10 for a win)
AL = agenda lost (scored by opponents)

There is no limit to the number of decimal places used to determine relative ratings.  However, for publication purposes, released ratings will only show three decimal places.

IV) Prize Scope

Prizes for global ranking will be awarded to the top four ranked players.  Also, a random selection will be held to award a Richard Garfield signed card to a single player.  Winners of a GW2 event are not eligible for selection.  Only players in official GW2 tournaments can win additional prizes beyond what is awarded locally.

Prizes to be awarded are:

The TRC reserves the right to modify this prize list, including the addition or removal of prizes.  Details of prizes will be released on Feb. 6th, 1998.

All prizes will be awarded after results are tallied and confirmed.

V) Advancing to World Domination

It is possible to hold a GW2 event without participating in the following World Domination event.  However, players of a GW2 event will not qualify for the World Domination event unless the following conditions are met.

a) The organizer of a GW2 event must provide IRC access for the winner of the event, unless the winner elects to provide his or her own IRC access.

b) The winner of the GW2 event must meet the IRC time and access requirements imposed by the TRC World Domination committee.

For further details about World Domination, including qualification, visit the TRC website, or look for a pending release via the same channels as this release.

All of the above information will be displayed and kept current at the TRC website

Bob "Argi" Flack

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